Why let GearWorks service your differential?

Differential work is
all we do.  Our experienced
service technicians have years of experience in
setting up differentials.

Because this is all we do, we get the job done
quicker and more economically for you!

Because of our large inventory, we rarely
have to wait for parts when servicing a vehicle
which means you get your car back much

We provide custom assemblies for whatever  
your needs are.  Just provide us with the
needed measurements and we'll provide you
with a custom built rear end.

GearWorks is a family owned business.  Our
quality service is built on simple
things...Dedication, Superior Workmanship &

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Differential Parts & Service

Gear Ratio Changes

Call us to discuss your  
gear ratio and what we
can do to help.

Is Your Differential Making

Don't throw away money
on a junk yard rear end.  
We can rebuild yours with
brand new, quality parts
for less than a junk yard
rear end.  Call today for an