Auburn Gear Positraction - The highly efficient torque transfer capability of the Auburn Gear
limited-slip differential is achieved through the use of cone clutches coupled to beveled side
gears. As torque is transmitted through the differential side gears to the axle shafts, the side
gear separating forces and spring pre-load firmly seat the cones into the differential case. The
cone design, along with the applied force, determines the torque transfer capability of the
differential. When torque levels decrease, as in a cornering maneuver the gear separating
forces also decrease, allowing the axle shafts to rotate independently. All Auburn Gear
limited-slip differentials are designed to provide the maximum amount of torque transfer without
compromising the performance requirements of a vehicle in situations where torque transfer is
not required.
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Differential Parts & Service
as pickup trucks and SUVs. The ECTED’s compact design and variable torque transfer as
pickup trucks and SUVs. The ECTED’s compact design and variable torque transfer capability
lends itself to many differential applications.
capability lends itself to many differential applications.

The ECTED’s simplicity, ease of installation, high torque transfer capability, and other
controllable features makes it an attractive cost-to-benefit design.

Full Time Limited Slip When the ECTED is disengaged it acts as a normal limited slip to
provide increased performance during normal operation.

Fully Locked With The Flip Of A Switch To activate the ECTED just flip the included switch and
the differential is instantly locked. There is no waiting for teeth to mesh or tugging on a lever.
The ECTED is fast, quiet and dependable.

ABS & C-lock CompatibleBecause the ECTED is electronically controlled and is capable of
instantaneous disengagement, it can be deactivated at any point in time so as to not interfere
with ABS systems. It is also designed to accept C-lock designed axle shafts.

Fits Into Most Existing Axle Housings The ECTED has been developed in several sizes and
has been designed to fit within many current OEM axles without modification except for a wire
entrance hole.
ECTED Lockers include locker, wiring, lighted switch, friction modifier additive, fittings for
differential hole and instructions.
This locker requires set-up bearings for installation since the coil used on the ECTED makes
bearing removal difficult. Set-up bearings are available separately.